Transport and logistics cluster – oil products transportation by
river, railway and highway

About us

Insula Volga is a convenient transport and logistics cluster on the Upper Volga, in the Yaroslavl region (Central Russia).

The extensive infrastructure and technological facilities of the hub allow transshipment and storage of oil products.

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Smart solutions for cargo storage and shipment


Aimed to receive up to 50 thousand tons of oil products per month, the type of vessels "river-sea".

Direct shipment without reloading to the northern and southern transit seaports of the Russian Federation during the navigation period.

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Tanks for oil products storage

The total volume of the tank farm is 60,000 m3.

There are storage tanks for dark (50 000) and light (10 000) oil products.

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Railway track and tank car loading rack

Aimed to receive 100 thousand tons of crude oil per month, as well as to offload 100 thousand tons of oil products. 5 km to the nearest Northern Railway station.

Direct railway line to the north of the Russian Federation and the Trans-Siberian Railway.

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The complex has access to a well-maintained road connected with the federal highway M8 (Moscow-Kholmogory).

The distance to the M8 federal highway is 18 km. The capacity for auto-loading of oil products is up to 15,000 thousand tons per month.

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Environment and safety

Insula Volga takes a responsible approach to compliance with the requirements of the current legislation in the field of labor and environmental protection, as well as industrial and fire safety.

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