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INSULA VOLGA llc was established in 2013. The company is a general designer and main contractor for the development of the transport and logistics cluster.

The cluster is located on the production site of Mendeleev oil refinery, next to the Konstantinovsky townlet in the Tutaev district of the Yaroslavl region. With an area of 28 hectares the cluster is a unique hub for oil products transshipment in the Yaroslavl region.

Initially, the project was aimed at construction of an oil loading berth for the Mendeleev oil refinery in order to expand the plant’s capabilities for oil products shipment and crude oil receiving.

Boyko Anatoly

Currently, the transport and logistics cluster is ready to offer extra capacities for storage and transshipment of oil products for third-party companies.

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Investment plans


In the adjacent production area, there are significant free land plots for construction and placement of industrial facilities, cargo terminals, container and distribution centers.

If necessary, the plots can be formed as separate units, closer to the Volga River or at a distance from it.

The main advantages of using the industrial site

Good access to the berth, railway station and cargo terminals – direct shipment to other countries, by river/sea, by rail, and by road
Well-developed infrastructure and utilities (road network, water supply and sewerage, electricity and steam supply, telecommunications)
Extensive services on site (rent, security, monitoring and environmental protection, customs and other services)
Long-term land use agreements

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