Railway track and tank car loading rack


Tank car loading rack – the capacity of 63 rail tank cars, allowing to unload the train in four hours
Delivery/removing of tank cars to the front of loading/unloading by locomotive
Backup track with switches, for settling an additional number of rail tank cars


5 km to the nearest railway station to the terminal (Tutaevo) of Northern railway
The station is technically equipped with everything necessary for receiving 40,000 tons of raw materials and shipping 40,000 tons of finished products
The railway station handles various cargo groups: oil products, shale oil, liquid chemical products, container cargo, bulk and general cargo.

Investment plans

Construction of a new two-sided covered tank car loading rack for reception and shipment of dark oil products. It is designed for 20 rail tank cars with a complex for heating high-viscosity products and can be run all year round.

1,000 tons / day

It will allow to receive raw materials and ship finished products with a volume of 1,000 tons / day with storage in the tank farm and the possibility of transshipment by river.

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