Reception, loading и tansshipment
of oil products


Railway tank car loading rack for receiving hydrocarbons
Unloading speed4 hours
Capacity63 rail car tanks


Two river berths, vessels of river-sea class (Volgoneft tankers)
Capacityup to 4-5 vessels (5,000 tons each) per month


Parking for 20 tankers
Facilities for oil products loading2 points

Volumes of receiving hydrocarbons for refining

Crude oilup to 490,000 tons / year

Volumes of transshipment of oil products

Vacuum gas oil80,000 tons / year
Bunker fuel250,000 tons / year
Fuel oil80,000 tons / year
Light boiler fuel250,000 tons / year

Storage tank farm

12 × 5 000 m³

Number of tanks (all with internal floating roof). The existing tank farm allows storing up to 60,000 m³ of oil products and compensating seasonal river navigation.

Storage tanks for crude oil and oil products allow the hub to accumulate raw materials, waiting for arrival of tankers, for a long time.

For dark oil products50 000 м³
For light oil products10 000 м³

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